Teardrop Guitars & Basses.

All of our Teardrop® guitar bodies are made of solid mahogany. Our necks are crafted out of some of the finest hard-rock maple found anywhere. Our fingerboards are beautifully, and skillfully made from the most beautiful Indian rosewood, and the high-gloss yellowed finish that protects each of our instruments; is both beautiful and functional.All Phantom®, Teardrop® and MandoGuitars® are hand assembled in the United States of America with foreign and domestic parts.

Each guitar we build is hand-wired with silver soldier, and all of the pickups and hardware we use are proprietary in nature; all in an effort to replicate the look, overall charm, and feel, of the original 1960's instruments.

Remember...if your guitar doesn't say Phantom® , Teardrop®, or, MandoGuitar®, it isn't one!

Please note: pearl, cream, mint or gold pickguards are available at additional charge of $35.00
Teardrop Guitars and Bass (TD 4, 6, 9,12 or Mk 4, 6, 9, 12).
6 String at the nut 1 11/16th (43mm)
12/9 String at the nut 12/16th (45mm)
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