Phantom Tremoloes & Replacement Parts.

After a great deal of development, testing and fine tuning, Phantom Guitar Works introduces it's new Tremolo! All Phantom & Teardrop models that feature tremoloes will be built with using our own trems. These parts can also be purchased separately as a replacement for worn-out or poor-functioning vintage tremoloes.

This is an "identical" reproduction of the original British Jennings Musical tremolo arm and plastic tip, unlike other inferior copies that are plastic dipped metal.


Tremolo Arm Upgrade KitPivot arm, allen screw, arm, tip, and new spring. This will make your EKO tremolo useable again.
Tremolo Arm Upgrade Kit $79.00
Tremolo Replacement ArmReplacement Arm with new tip. $59.00
Tremolo Arm Replacement Kitbridge
Arm kit includes: Arm, black plastic tip, lock nut, screw and washer.
Tremolo Arm Replacement Kit $65
Tremolo Plastic Tip
Tremolo Arm Plastic Tip $7.50 each
Tremolo 6 or 12 String Roller Sets.
12 String Rollers Sets $10.00
6 String String Roller Sets
Tremolo Pivot Arm W/Allen Screw
Pivot arm W/new allen screw $18.00
Tremolo String Pinssets only
6 string $6 :
9 string $9 :
12 string $12
Tremolo Roller ShaftTremolo Roller Shaft $19.00 each
Tremolo Springs25mm spring for 6 string $8.00
27mm spring for 12 string $8.00.
Spring tension standard or stout
Tremolo String Pin ShaftString Pin Shaft $19.00