Phantom Guitarworks Clatskanie, OR (USA)

Phantom Guitarworks is the exclusive manufacturer of reproduction of the Jennings Musical instruments U.K. guitar models based on original british models including the Phantom, Mando Guitar, Teardrop plus a full line of reproduction accessories, limited edition instruments guitars and basses.


It is a true honor to have one of our mando guitars featured on the new album from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss! Be sure to check out one of the songs, "Searching for My Love" HERE.

You can learn more about our Mando guitars and buy one HERE.

2,000 guitars later...and we are still going STRONG! We are honored and thrilled to have been building guitars for as long as we have. Our deepest gratitude to all our customers, friends and family for their support over the years. We look forward to continuing to serve you - our beloved music community! Cheers! - Jack / PGW

One of our Phantom guitars was on display in a recent PBS documentary - "ICON: Music Through the Lens". The network's six-part series debuted in July (2021) and "exposes the eye-opening, thrilling world of live music photography." It's a fascinating look at some of the most iconic photos taken in the history of popular music and the stories behind them. We highly recommend it! Our Phantom is shown here with New York retro rockers, Mystery Lights (as photographed by Sacha Lecca - one of the famous photogs featured in the documentary). Be sure to check it out! More info HERE.

Looking to get in touch with us quickly? Need an answer to a technical question? Please EMAIL us. And the more specific your question...the better! We aim to answer all your questions efficiently and effectively so we can all get back to what we love doing - playing guitar! Thank you in advance. - Jack / PGW

Ebony Fingerboards

We are very excited to now offer Ebony Fingerboards! This puts our guitars on a completely higher level. For years, our customers have asked for bound ebony fingerboards, and now we can offer this option for only $150. Please note: Necks are only sold separately on rare occasions for $350. Under typical conditions, they are only an upgrade option to all guitars (except Mando Guitars and left hand models).

tremoloAfter a great deal of development, testing and fine tuning, Phantom Guitar Works introduces it's new Tremolo! Effective immediately, all Phantom models that feature tremoloes will be built with our own trems. These can also be purchased separately as a replacement for worn-out or poor-functioning vintage tremoloes, just email us for details!

Phantom Vintage Cases

Our new vintage reproductions of the original guitar and bass cases. Made from a new mold, plywood contruction and a beautiful blue-grey basketweave tolex covering. Only available with purchase of a Phantom or Teardrop guitar or bassphantom guitars
We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with limited edition of the Brian Jones Model. *Only 20 will be built. Hand stamped with serial numbers.* Package features include:  
  1. Yellowed topcoat to simulate a guitar being stored in your closet for 30 years
  2. Custom vintage alnico reproductions of the Jennings 6.0 ohm pickups, the neck position is reverse wound to reduce any hum
  3. Hand tooled and polished aluminum pick guard (non magnetic)
  4. High gloss yellowed neck finish
  5. Black back-pad kit
  6. Matching white curly cord (25 ft)

Color Choice

Limited Edition Brian Jones Model Package: Starting at $1,298

NEW Restoration Combo & Cabinet Corners.


Being an avid collector of both JMI (Jennings Musical Instruments from the Golden Era of the 1960's) amps and guitars, it has always been a frustration to not be able to buy the proper plastic corners for my vintage amplifiers. Assuming there are more of my types out there, PGW spent 2 years making our reproduction corners. This corner is made of a stronge impact ABS plastic (LEFT side) for 1963-67 JMI amplifiers and all Thomas USA amplifiers. They will line up exactly as your original corners did and come with 2/ 3.5mm x 12 philips flat head black screws. The corner on the (Right) is for 80's-2013 amps commonly available everywhere.
Set of 8 vintage corners with black phillips screws included.


Will Sergeant of Echo and Bunnymen with his Custom Hollowbody Teardrop 12-string guitar. Will Sergeant

Check out our full list of Endorsers HERE.