Phantom Endorsers

"Hi Jack. I love the guitar!!! The 12-string sounds absolutely incredible. I have been recording and playing this for the last 2 weeks non-stop. I've been playing my last guitar for over a decade and know this will be by my side for a long time." -TJ Freda

Please check out our list of endorsers below. Artists with an asterisk (*) include a web link.

Johnny Alien...(Aliens and Strangers)

* Alfa9 (Leon Jones)

* Justin Baren (The Redwalls)

* Batlord

* Calling Simon

Chris Chaney

Jim Chapdelaine

* Cold Play (Chris Martin)

Jason Crigler (Linda Thompson Band)

* Roger Deering of SMASH Fashion.

* Elliot Easton...(The New Cars)

* Melissa Etheridge...(MandoGuitar™)

Hank & the Hankstirs

* Peter Holmstromm...(Dandy Warhols )

* Johanna's House of Glamor

Evan Johns

* James Lowe...(Electric Prunes)

* The Long Afternoon

* David Levitt...(Alanis Morissette)

Bill McGarvey

* John Mellencamp

Simone Tintillini

Adam Miller...(The Mallrats)

Buddy Miller...(Emmy Lou Harris Band)

* Not Forgotten

* The Byrd Brains

* Doug Powell

Will Ray...(Hellecaster's)

* Todd Rundgren

* Serena-Maneesh

* Will Sergeant...(Echo and The Bunnymen)

Mathew Sweet...(The Thorns)

* Dandy Warhols

* The Decemberists

* The Eggmen

* The Fab 5

* The Fuzztones

The Insomniacs

* The Preachers

* The Satelliters

The Shakin' Apostles...(with Freddy Steady)

Mike Wanchic ( John Mellencamp)

Stevie Van Zandt (with Bruce Springsteen)

* Dave Wakeling...(English Beat)