Limited Edition Guitars

Phantom Guitars™ are an updated version of the original JMI (Jennings Musical Instruments from the Golden Era of the 1960's) U.K. guitars. Hover over an image for description. Limited Editions are released in small quantities three times a year.

Color selections are limited. Call or email for availability.
Please note: pearl, cream, mint or gold pickguards are available at an additional charge of $35. Hardshell cases are required at $169 and will be added to the order. For special circumstances to purchase a guitar without a case, please email our owner, Jack, by clicking HERE. Shipping is a fixed cost of $65.

Phantom VI Special with Case / $1,849

Made popular by Ian Curtis of Joy Division back in the 80’s, this guitar has been requested for years and we're now proud to offer them! They're on a first-come, first-serve basis and ONLY 15 will be built - no more after that! Due to the nature of the electronics, there are number of body cuts and routes needed. The guitar incorporates the JMI effects from 1967 of VOX FUZZ, MRB (3 position mid range boost), and Repeater in 3 push/pull pots. Utilizing the MK1 pickup spacing, it is powered by a 9V battery cut into the side of the guitar. Custom hand-tooled knobs on the Push/Pull pots for the effects, and 3 way slider for the MRB settings. Unlike the original VOX model, this guitar can work as a normal guitar when the battery is removed. Please note: the assembly time will be 5-6 weeks at a minimum.
Color Choice

Limited Edition Teardrop Hollowbody 6-string with Tremolo and Case / starting at $1,318

Color Choice:

Limited Edition Brian Jones Teardrop with Case / starting at $1,448

*Only 20 will be built. Hand-stamped with serial numbers.*
Features include:  
  1. Yellowed topcoat to simulate a guitar being stored in your closet for 30 years
  2. Custom vintage alnico reproductions of the Jennings 6.0 ohm pickups, the neck position is reverse wound to reduce any hum
  3. Hand tooled and polished aluminum pick guard (non magnetic)
  4. High gloss yellowed neck finish
  5. Black back-pad kit
  6. Matching white curly cord (25 ft)

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