Phantom Guitarworks Clatskanie, OR USA

Phantom Guitarworks is the exclusive manufacturer of reproduction of the Jennings Musical instruments U.K. guitar models based on original british models including the Phantom, Mando Guitar, Teardrop plus a full line of reproduction accessories, limited edition instruments guitars and basses.

21 years ago, an Oregon man started making classic guitars -- now he's in the legal battle of his life.

CLATSKANIE, OREGON - Mar 11, 2014 - Jack Charles, the owner of Phantom Guitarworks, has been making guitars out of his home studio since 1992. Now he's being sued by Korg, a rival corporate manufacturer.

Jack Charles Meussdorffer was in the sixth grade when he turned on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and saw the guitar that would become his passion.

"The Stones (were on) and Brian Jones was playing a teardrop. I thought that was the coolest-looking guitar I'd ever seen in my life," he said.

More than two decades later, after his own career as a rock musician, Meussdorffer set up shop in Clatskanie, Ore., and began making his own instruments, inspired by the one he saw Jones playing. But after building a reputation for 21 years as the maker of his trademarked Teardrop, Phantom and MandoGuitars, he’s now facing a lawsuit that threatens to topple his business.

On Sept. 3, 2013, the multinational company Korg Inc. and its affiliates filed a complaint against Meussdorffer and his Phantom Guitar Works company, seeking to cancel several of Meussdorffer's long-held trademarks and claiming "tortious interference" with the brand's own models. Meussdorffer and his legal team filed a counter-claim, and the case has slogged on ever since.

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Toyota's Corrola Commercial "Style Never Goes Out Of Style" with a Phantom Teardrop being played at the beginning of the commercial.
tremoloAfter a great deal of development, testing and fine tuning, Phantom Guitar Works introduces it's new Tremolo! Effective immediately, all Phantom models that feature tremoloes will be built with our own trems. These can also be purchased separately as a replacement for worn-out or poor-functioning vintage tremoloes, just email us for details!

Phantom Vintage Cases.

Our new vintage reproductions of the original guitar and bass cases. Made from a new mold, plywood contruction and a beautiful blue-grey basketweave tolex covering. $169.00 USD. Only available with purchase of a Phantom or Teardrop guitar or bassphantom guitars
We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this summer with limited editions of our new 6 and12 string Phantom. Bound neck. Custom bridge cover (as the vintage guitars used). 6 position rotary switch (hand tooled switch lever arm). Black neck to match the body. Reproduction tremolo with improved spring tension, no pot metal, metal rollers (exact to the UK vintage tremolo).
6 string version $899.00.
12 string version $999.00.
note: case is extra, all plywood replica of the 60's case $169 (MUST SHIP WITH CASE). Place your order now

20th Anniversary Phantom 12 string bound neck/black peghead/tremolo. Only available in black $999.00 Case $169.00

NEW Restoration Combo & Cabinet Corners.


Being an avid collector of both JMI (Jennings Musical Instruments from the Golden Era of the 1960's) amps and guitars it has always been a frustration to not be able to buy the proper plastic corners for my vintage amplifiers, and assuming there are more of my types out there, PGW spent 2 years making our reproduction corners. This corner is made of a stronge impact ABS plastic (LEFT side) for 1963-67 JMI amplifiers and all Thomas USA amplifiers. They will line up exactly as your orignal corners did and come with 2/ 3.5mm x 12 philips flat head black screws. The corner on the (Right) is for 80's-2013 amps commonly available everywhere. Set of 8 vintage corners with black phillips screws included @ $20.00
New black philips screws included
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Oversized picks $2.49 each, set of 4 @$8.
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